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No Wire Hangers

When I start a closet organization project, the first thing I notice is the hangers. If there are wire or plastic hangers in there then that is the first thing I encourage changing. Switching these out for wood or velvet ones can have a huge impact on the appearance of your closet without even touching anything else. I began my closet transformation using wood hangers (which is still my favorite), however, when we downsized so did my closet space. I switched to the velvet huggable hangers and was able to maintain my wardrobe size even though I has less space to work with. You can save money by buying these in bulk at places like Amazon and Costco. Not all changes have to be major undertakings. Sometimes it's the little changes that have the biggest impact. Keep on eye out for my future posts on closet transformations!

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Here are the ones I use. Let me know what small changes you made to your closet that had a huge impact.

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